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When we notice that we need to perform some crawl space repair, the first instinct is to close our eyes to the problem. After all, it is a crawl space. How much repair is justified? And won't the problem just fix itself? After all, out of know the rest.

Here are the facts: if you don't get your crawl space taken care of, you could find yourself in a world of hurt. Just as you would not let your basement go on leaking (or you'd be wise not to, anyway), you shouldn't turn a blind eye to a wet crawl space.

Sealing the crawl space from water seepage has to be a number one priority. Why? Well if you allow water to sit in your crawl space, you will find that it can cause quite a few issues for you. For example, as water sits, you will find mildew and mold growing underneath your home. What happens is it all gets in the air and finds its way up into your home. As this filthy air cycles through your home, two things happen:

  1. Your family breathes it, day in and day out. The result could be increased allergy problems or even worse. Not something worth risking, is it?


  1. Your energy bill will climb as your HVAC struggles against the damp air that is rising through your house.

Another danger you face with a wet crawl space is that of your home shifting. As the ground gets more and more soaked, the dirt holding it level will eventually move about, compacting in some areas and loosening in others. The next thing you know, your doors will stop shutting correctly and you won't be able to open your windows. Your indoor sheetrock will start developing cracks. Even your floors will be affected as they begin to sag and bow in various areas. You'll find yourself spending a small fortune on inside cosmetic repairs. Of course, simply calling for help with crawl space repair would solve this issue.

If you love insects-you know, the kind that bite-then not  space is a great move. That damp, musty crawl space is the perfect breeding ground for all of those troublesome critters. And try as you might to get rid of them, they'll keep coming back as long as you are providing that wet habitat.

The heavy membrane barriers available today will solve the crawl space repair issues that are facing you and prohibiting you from using the whole house you are purchasing. You can control the space you are buying, but only if you are willing to make necessary repairs. And believe it or not, crawl space repair is a necessary thing. Sealing your house, the whole house, from the outside elements is mandatory. Don't waste space that you could be using. Don't endanger the rest of your home or your beautiful family that lives inside of it. Perform the needed crawl space repair today by calling a qualified professional basement waterproofing and crawl space repair company.

Basement Crawl Space Encapsulation Columbia SC

It is common to vent a crawl space in a home, but this leaves to problems. Air can seep in, reducing your energy efficiency and increasing your bills. It also leads to excess moisture, which can lead to mold, warping, rotting and pests. One way to fix these problems is basement crawl space encapsulation in Acworth, GA. Many people are unfamiliar with this home improvement project, even though it can increase the value of a home and easily returns the initial investment. Have a look at crawl space encapsulation columbia sc for more info on this.

What Is the Crawl Space?

To begin with, it is important to understand what the crawl space in your home is. Homes without an attic or basement typically have a crawl space instead. This might be under the flooring or the roof, depending on the placement. You might have both. The purpose of this area is to provide access to plumbing, wiring and your radiator or other HVAC system components. These areas are typically quite small, which is why they are called crawl spaces. You literally have to crawl to get through them. In addition to providing access, they also help with air circulation throughout the house.

Sealing In the Space

Basement crawl space encapsulation in Acworth, GA, provides a way to seal in the space. This waterproofs the area and provides some insulation. By doing so, you cover the ground with a vapor barrier, including any seams and junctions. The vents are also sealed. It might also insulate the foundation for further advantages in terms of energy efficiency.

You start with installing the vapor barrier, which will ensure that everything is sufficiently covered to not let any vapor in or out. This barrier will be completely sealed to ensure no moisture is allowed in or out. Then, there will also be a drainage system installed so that any moisture or standing water that does seep in through the ground will be removed before it can lead to problems. The vents will also be closed, reducing the amount of air allowed in from outside.

Enhancing the Air

Many projects for basement crawl space encapsulation in Acworth, GA, also include a system to condition the air. This might include an exhaust fan, a dehumidifier or some air from your HVAC system. This further helps to ventilate the area and remove any excess moisture.

Maintaining the Space

Once you have completed your project of basement crawl space encapsulation in Acworth, GA, it is essential you continue to maintain it so that you continue to reap the benefits, including better air quality and decreased energy bills. To do this, you should have an experienced technician come in and analyze the vapor barrier to ensure it remains completely intact. Any other components, such as the drainage system, ductwork or exhaust fan, also needs to be reviewed. Sometimes, this can be done in combination with your annual HVAC system inspection, depending on the expertise of the technician.

Before you start your project, it is important to ensure that your crawl space is ready to handle the encapsulation. You might need to perform from preparation work to ensure that it is ready to be sealed. Otherwise, you will end up with bulk water problems, backdrafting combustion appliances or otherwise create more problems than you fix.

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Crawl spaces are generally vented to allow moisture to evaporate. Eventually, the moisture that accumulates under your house will dry when the conditions are right, dispersing through the vents and going away. However, vented crawl spaces are also a liability, as they allow access to pests, encourage mold growth, and diminish a home's energy efficiency. That is why, people look for crawl space repair services to keep it in best state.

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